Is marketing going directly to the point today? Yes, definitely. There is too much information around us today. We have too much choices. Why not to give customers only several possibilities advised by you? Do not overwhelm clients with too much information.

We chose some domains for you. We are sure that marketing today has to go to the point directly. Your customers need dedicated offer and selected ideas to say YES now and to feel more convenient.

Prepare additional domains supporting your offer for exclusive, recommended products. This is more effective than one page with too many options. Customers today expect ready-made solutions.

Exclusive products need special offer. Please consider some domains, which we think would be perfect for you.

Domains by category:

New technologies

1/ Domains:,,,,,,,,,,,

Big potential for technology 5G. When transfer will be much faster than today. More chance for streaming, live video and perfect quality movies in 8k. Technology 5G will speed up high resolution. More fun, more details and modern advertisements. Internet is ahead of conventional television in terms of signal quality

2/ Domains:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Artificial Intelligence is coming faster than many people has thought. Technology 5G will speed it up and give it full support. Think today to be first with new category products for the new age. Remember that marketing is going directly to the point today. Traditionally, the first will win!

3/ Domains:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Today customers are buying car online more often due to better offer. Lower risk and more brands available, go and increase your car business and range of sales. has good domains for sales and service management.

Electric cars enter the market. There will also be tuning of new technologies. Book your internet address today.

New category- electric planes, this business has just started! And it will be more and more popular. Transport will be faster, cheaper and more ecological and prices will be more affordable not only for millionaires

4/ Domains:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

New car rental systems, which are step in the future. Customers need more flexible offer, something new and original. This is revolution in branch

CPK The Central Communications Port

5/ Domains:,,,,,,,,,,,,

Think today about business based on domains related to the largest investment that has just started in Poland; CPK The Central Communications Port. A huge communication hub, which consists of: mega advanced airport named Solidarnosci, railway hub station, bus and motorway junction. CPK will give a huge potential for all kind of business. One of the biggest and modern investment in Europe!

Transport and logistics

6/ Domains:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Domains supporting logistics operations and international transport. Additional promotion of activities in the largest railway junctions in Poland related to the New Silk Road and huge Seaport investment in Gdansk. Poland has very good geographical potential in transport and logistics. Use websides and be present in the most important communication hub in Europe. One Belt One Road is coming. It is worth to be in the most important hubs. Moreover port in Gdansk with this investment will be very important for East and Central Europe

7/ Domains:,,

Websites adapted for market of domains or created in aim to support your main domain by key words

Real estate and VIP services

8/ Domains:,,,,,

Offer exclusive properties. Take care of a dedicated offer, especially since real estate is of great value and should be present appropriately to demanding clients. VIP houses needs dedicated, clear offer without hundreds of other proposals: less choices, only recommended houses for VIP. Such domains give chance to prepare good quality marketing visualization in full range format, which is much better than small icons among hundred other offers

9/ Domains:,

VIP flights are the future, it is worth to think about it today. Business and celebrities are using VIP flights today. In the future it will be available not only for millionaires because new technologies are reducing costs

Direct Selling

10/ Domains:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Buy from Asia new products with competitive prices, open your online store, go to internet.

Asia, especially China and India, is full of not discovered producers and brilliant products. Import from this countries is worth considering, it is a must be, some people say.

China also surprises many audiophiles by tube amplifiers. They have World Class quality brands with relatively low prices. Big potential for distribution of home audio systems

11/ Domains:,,,,,,

Online store support with cooperation with USA, a wide range of business. Original products from USA will still be desirable

12/ Domains:,,

Selling alcohol is always a good business, especially sophisticated drinks. Many direction are waiting for well-known high quality of Polish alcohols. Many markets are still not explored for one of the best alcohols. Additionally marketing for few types of alcohols in one Group is cheaper per unit. Try with vodka, special drinks, beer and vine and use this under one brand. This could be a perfect synergy, especially for the domain It can be a vivid example that marketing is going directly to the point today. Karaoke clubs, which are becoming increasingly popular especially in China, are looking for finished products

13/ Domains:,

Website adapted to producers group. Many good Polish growers do not have potential for independent export, they need support of the Group and management. Great export potential to use marketing that is going directly to the point

14/ Domains:,,,,

Import from Asia, cuisine, spices, decor, tourism and much more

Travel and service

15/ Domains:,,,,,,

Nowadays, some customers are looking for a specialized tourist offer, create it with the support of appropriate domains. Individual trip sector is growing, some customers avoid mass offers, so be original, give more, something special and use individual communication

16/ Domains:,,,,,,,

If you want to give customers an exclusive holiday offer in peace and quiet and comfort it’s time to think about holiday homes and villas and not big resorts.

Additionally some clients will be happy to use a different form, such as renting a luxury yacht for holidays, an increasingly trendy form of spending holidays

Private Yachts and villas are the best combination for great holidays!

17/ Domains:,,,

Help customers to find the right hotel without long and advanced search engines. Simple form, quick choice, your choice. Take dedicated domain for an extra modern presentation of your Hotel. Be visible.

18/ Domains:,

New forms of property management, customers are looking for a flexible offer, it is worth to give it them. This categories have huge potential like cars for minutes, can revolutionize the real estate business

Additional domain supports one of the biggest Aqua Park in Europe. This is a page for services, hotels, restaurants, parking and much more…

Blog – combine passion for writing with marketing that is going directly to the point today

19/ Domains:,,,,,,

Write a blog that supports your website with keywords or follow your passion. Big potential in a wide range

If you would like to check full list of domains, please open enclosed pdf file on front page and… Find the best address!

We are waiting for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are hear for you. Support, help and care for your 100% satisfaction in cooperation and choosing the right domain together

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